• Engage your organization with creative collaboration,
  • Create unique opportunities for collaboration,
  • Arrange event logistics, layout, and marketing.
  • Generate buzz about events before they begin.

"We were uncertain how the first StartUp Weekend in Bermuda was going to go. Ethan got participants engaged from the start. Ethan was able to assess the comfort level of the participants and adjust content and expectations on the fly. An overwhelmingly positive experience for all involved."
Nicholas Kempe, VP, Bermuda Forwarders Ltd.

. . .

"Ethan is skilled at creating an environment of collaboration, fair play, and engagement, without sacrificing outcomes. He is driven to get the absolute best from people while remaining ever mindful of individual needs. Ethan is tireless when it comes to ensuring that all voices are heard and he encourages people to think creatively, inspiring others to put their best foot forward."
- Kristen Weber, Communications Lead, Code for Boston

. . .

"As lead organizer and facilitator for multiple Startup Weekend events, Ethan’s ability to plan ahead AND wow the crowd paid off with insanely fun, productive, and inspiring weekends."
Hao Chen, Director, Web Services, Apitronics