• Learn negotiation, facilitation, presentation, and design thinking methods,
  • Integrate new services for employee health and wellness.
  • Organize your needs and how to address them with government,
  • Learn methods to demonstrate a unified voice in creating change.

"Ethan is a big picture guy who will keep your team focused on the highest order opportunities. We have always been impressed and enriched when we've worked with Ethan."
Bill Kenney, Founder, Test My Pitch
"I participated in two InnoJams (internal hackathons) that were led by Ethan. It was quickly clear to me that Ethan is a passionate leader who seizes opportunities to connect diverse individuals in an effort to enable their best work to emerge."
- Deanna Briggs, Software Product Manager, Constant Contact
"Ethan is a natural facilitator and creative impresario. He knows how to run a structured yet productive innovation session while providing participants room to think, expand, and grow their ideas. He's fast, informal, and funny - all keys to driving successful outcomes."
- Zephrin Lasker, Head of Mobile & Social Product, Constant Contact